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Emergency Personnel

Vortran Hospitals
Emergency medical personnel need devices that can help them save lives in the field. VORTRAN® Medical has developed devices that will help EMTs and paramedics to ventilate patients  in difficult situations and to save them time and effort. The VAR® (VORTRAN®   Automatic Resuscitator) device allows for hands-free resuscitation, which gives the clinician an opportunity to provide superior patient care. The VAR® device will effectively ventilate patients during transport, while maintaining a consistent breathing rate and ETCO2. The VAR® device is portable, compact, disposable, and optimizes EMS personnel performance in many difficult situations.


See how the VAR® device saves lives simply!This study shows how the VAR® device helps control the patients ETCO2

VORTRAN Automatic Resuscitator

  • Maintains victims’ breathing while they are being extricated from vehicle accidents
  • The VAR® device weighs less than half a pound and is ideal for use during helicopter transport
  • A force multiplier for mass casualty incidents
  • Can be operated without batteries or electricity
  • Can be stockpiled for up to five years for emergency disaster preparedness
  • Provides patients with consistent reliable hands-free resuscitation