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Hospital Clinicians

Vortran Hospitals

Hospital clinicians use VORTRAN® Medical devices for their reliability, safety, quality, and convenience. When patients are transported from surgery to their suites or other treatment areas such as MRI/CT, they need safe and convenient assistance with airway management. The VORTRAN® Automatic Resuscitator device fills this need. VORTRAN® Medical has also done extensive research into the development of airway clearance products, including the VORTRAN® PercussiveNEB® 2.0, and recently introduced a line of airway monitoring devices to meet customers needs.


Checkout our new study for the news of the VAR® device in MRI!

Airway Management

VORTRAN Automatic Resuscitator The VAR® device (VORTRAN®  Automatic Resuscitator device) offers automatic pressure cycled ventilation using only gas, instead of batteries or electricity.

  • Gives clinicians hands-free, consistent, reliable resuscitation/ventilation
  • Perfect for use in MRI/CT scans
  • Is portable and small so patients can be moved in limited spaces and weighs less than half a pound
  • Perfect for inter- and intra-hospital transport
  • Can be used  as a back-up ventilator in the event of a power outage, natural disaster or MCI (Mass Casualty Incident)

Airway Clearance


VORTRAN® Medical offers a new improved modulator which operates  more consistently to effectively clear patients’ airways of secretions. It is easy to use and preferred by cystic fibrosis patients as well as COPD patients. In a recent study of post-op cardiac surgery patients, the PercussiveNEB® device vs. an IPPB was found to use resources more effectively and efficiently than traditional bronchial hygiene procedures.

  • Easy to use
  • Hospital or home use
  • Percussive therapy
  • High frequency percussion and nebulizer treatment
  • Adjusts to meet patient therapeutic requirements

Airway Monitoring

VORTRAN Airway Pressure Monitor

Because hospital clinicians need to maintain the breathing of their patients, VORTRAN® Medical  has developed the VORTRAN®-APM (Airway Pressure Monitor) to make that responsibility safer and more reliable for patients and clinicians.

  • Monitors patient ventilation parameters (PIP, PEEP, Respiration Rate, I:E ratio)
  • Has alarm display with flashing red LED and loud audible alert
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Allows clinician to have a true value of patient status
  • Allows for accurate monitoring of the VAR® (VORTRAN® Automatic Resuscitator) device

Disaster Management

E-Surge Kit

Hospitals often face disaster situations resulting from power outages, natural disasters, or mass casualty admissions into the ER. Our products help hospitals meet these needs effectively in a crisis situation.

  • A force multiplier for mass casualty incidents
  • Allows for ventilation of patients without the need of electricity or batteries
  • Manifold provides outlets for up to 7 patients using a single gas source
  • Can be stockpiled for up to 5 years for emergency disaster preparedness

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