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Airway Monitoring

VORTRAN-airway-pressure-monitor VORTRAN® Medical  has invested years of research to develop easy to use, quality devices to monitor patients’ breathing and to alert clinicians of abnormalities.

APM (Airway Pressure Monitor)

The APM is a battery operated, portable, self-contained device that is connected to the patient via the connection kit to monitor the cycling conditions of resuscitators.

  • Gives clinicians patient ventilation parameters (PIP, PEEP, Respiration Rate, I:E ratio)
  • Provides visual alarm display with flashing LED and loud audible alarm
  • Allows clinicians to have a true value of patient status during ventilation similar to a full-featured ventilator
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Offers different connection kit options
Download Airway Monitoring PDF

VORTRAN Manometer

Disposable Manometer

  • Now available worldwide.
  • The VORTRAN disposable Manometer is an analog style manometer that can go inline using a T piece to read changes in both inspiratory pressures as well as peak end expiratory pressures (PEEP).
  • The Manometer has been tested and approved for safe conditional use in a MRI/CT environment.
  • The manometer includes a color coded label for ease of use.
  • Attaches directly to an automatic resuscitator or hyperinflation resuscitation bag using the included T piece.
  • Latex Free
  • Accuracy of ± 2cm H2O up to 20 cm H2O
  • Accuracy of ± 5 cm H2O over 20 cm H2O

Color-coded manometer: Green 0-20cm H2O, Yellow 20-40 cm H2O and Red over 40 cm H2O

Download Manometer Instructions PDF