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Disaster Management

VORTRAN® Medical offers devices for medical emergencies in the hospital and in the field. The devices are organized for rapid deployment and are a force multiplier for the triage of patients in emergency situations. The VAR® (VORTRAN®  Automatic Resuscitator) device is  the world’s first fully disposable ventilator, and it is included in this kit. The E-Surge Kit completely eliminates any risk of patient cross-contamination.

E-Surge Kit

E-Surge Kit
This is an emergency backup for a ventilator surge, using a single gas source for multiple VARS. The kit includes:

  1. (6 ea) VAR (VORTRAN®   Automatic Resuscitator)
  2. (4 ea) VAR-Monitor
  3. (4 ea) Oxygen flowmeter
  4. (1 ea) 7 port multi-outlet manifold with pressure regulator and gauge
  5. (1 ea) Heavy duty oxygen hose
  6. (1 ea) Watertight case
  7. Can be stored for emergencies for up to five years

Alternative Options:

  • E-Vent Case (includes watertight case and oxygen manifold with heavy duty hose)
  • Conversion Kit (turn your current E-Vent case into an E-Surge Kit)

Download Disaster Management PDF