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About Us

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About the Company

VORTRAN® Medical Technology, Inc. has been providing medical device excellence since 1983.  We are a research, development, and manufacturing company of advanced medical respiratory and ambulatory devices. We serve domestic and international markets with a superior line of products for hospitals, emergency medical services, disaster preparedness, and MRI/CT applications in hospitals, acute care, post acute, homecare, and EMS situations.

Our line of emergency ventilators first received FDA-clearance in 1998 with the release of the VORTRAN RespirTech PRO, followed by the VORTRAN Automatic Resuscitator (VAR) in 2000.  The current version, the VORTRAN GO2VENT, went into production in 2017.  It is designed to provide ventilatory support for a wide variety of patients in virtually all environments, including those in which other ventilators may not be sufficient.

Providing Simple Solutions for Difficult Situations

Disaster preparedness
Emergency Vehicles
EMS situations
MRI/CT applications in hospitals
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