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VORTRAN® Medical  is pleased to announce the next generation of our Airway Pressure Monitor, the APM-Plus!

The APM-Plus is a battery-operated (2 x AA), portable, self-contained device that is connected to the patient via the connection kit to monitor the airway characteristics of patients connected to resuscitators, such as the GO2VENT®, or CPAP devices.

Click here for the APM-Plus brochure.

  • For patients 10 kilograms and above

  • Gives clinicians patient ventilation parameters (PIP, PEEP, Respiration Rate, Inspiratory Time, Expiratory Time, and I:E Ratio) in Resuscitator Mode

  • Gives clinicians Real-Time Pressure in PAP Mode

  • Provides visual alarm display with flashing LED and loud audible alarm

  • Provides fully adjustable alarm limits for the following alarms:

  • High PIP, Low PEEP, High Rate, Non-Cycling (Resuscitator Mode)

  • High Pressure, Low Pressure, and Pressure Drift Alert (PAP Mode)

  • Allows clinicians to have a true value of patient status during ventilation similar to a full-featured ventilator

  • Easy to set up and use

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