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Order No. IPM-4022

Optional Mouthpiece, Order No. 4035S

The VORTRAN-IPPB™ is an Intermittent Positive Pressure Breathing treatment powered by the same Pulmonary Modulation Technology (PMT) contained in the GO2VENT®. The disposable device is intended to provide an intermittent positive pressure aerosol treatment. The VORTRAN-IPPB is a modulator coupled with a nebulizer. The nebulizer provides the continuous flow of gas and a patient demand valve. When pressure reaches the peak inspiratory pressure (PIP) as set by the PIP dial on the modulator, the modulator opens and exhalation begins through the Rate dial. Flow and inspiratory time control the tidal volume. Inspiratory time is controlled, once the flow is set, by the PIP dial.

  • Single patient, multiple use

  • Uses standard hospital flowmeters delivering maximum flows of 40 LPM

  • Monitor adjustments with the included VORTRAN Manometer

  • Large 20 mL nebulizer reservoir

  • High aerosol output

  • Secure DISS gas inlet connection

  • More cost effective than a conventional IPPB machine

  • No capital equipment cost

  • Easy-to-use, for hospital or home