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GO2VENT Surgical Center Kit

GO2VENT Surgical Center Kit

• Meets CMS “Emergency Equipment” 416.44(d)
mandate for mechanical ventilatory assistance
• Meets FDA, ASTM, and ISO guidelines for
gas-powered, automatic resuscitators
• Disposable ventilator for short-term emergency
backup ventilation
• APM-Plus airway pressure monitor for real-time
respiratory monitoring and backup alarms
• Easy setup with the training manuals

The kit includes:

Surgical Center Kit (Updated) 2_edited.p

A Must Have for All Ambulatory Surgery Centers!

  • (3 ea) GO2VENT® (new VORTRAN®   Automatic Resuscitator, Model 6123)

  • (1 ea) Oxygen Regulator (Order No. RG-2162)

  • (1 ea) Test Lung

  • (1 ea) APM-Plus

Click here for the GO2VENT Surgical Center Kit brochure.

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