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The Use of the VORTRAN GO2VENT During COVID-19

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In this feature, Respiratory Therapy interviews clinicians and healthcare providers about the actual application of specific products and therapies. Participating in the interview is Dave Swift, RRT.

Respiratory Therapy: If a hospital is facing a ventilator shortage, what should they know about the GO2VENT?

Dave Swift: The GO2VENT is not intended to take the place of a full-spectrum critical care ventilator with all available modes. The GO2VENT can provide intermediate ventilatory support using its pressure controlled/pressure supported mode and the Airway Pressure Monitor/alarm module [APM-Plus]. With the addition of VORTRAN’s new PEEP Valve, the GO2VENT can now provide a higher level of support for managing more patients in the ICU.


RT: What benefits does the GO2VENT have versus other ventilators?

DS: The GO2VENT is a cost-effective solution to a ventilator shortage as it is intuitive and easy to use/setup so that it does not require a huge investment in time or resources to become proficient in its use. Multiple units can be purchased for the cost of one annual scheduled p.m. on a critical care ventilator. Equipped with both inspiratory and expiratory HME/HEPA filters, it greatly reduces the risk to clinicians by virtually eliminating the dumping of exhaled contaminants into the clinical environment. It is portable so can be used transport and is very mobile. Since it is single-patient-use, no maintenance or cleaning is required. It can even be attached to a manifold, which can effectively power up to 7 GO2VENT units.


RT: Can the GO2VENT only be used in emergencies?

DS: The GO2VENT can be used in the majority of situations where mechanical ventilation is being initiated. This allows the clinicians to triage the patients as to whether they get a full featured ventilator, are a short-term ventilatory candidate, or require ventilated transport until a critical care vent becomes available. It is FDA-cleared to support patients continuously for up to 30 days.


RT: Can the GO2VENT be used non-invasively?

DS: With an effectively sealed NIV mask, the GO2VENT can provide effective NIPPV in its pressure supported setting. Remember this is a pressure operated device so an effective seal is essential. Ecuador recently utilized it during a scarce resource event, on 120 patients with great success, while avoiding intubations with the negative outcomes from COVID in a majority of cases. The data from this study showing significant clinical benefits when used a non-invasive ventilator will be published in the near future.


RT: How has the GO2VENT been used during COVID-19?

DS: The GO2VENT has been used effectively both as a ventilator and NIPPV unit in many resource-challenged COVID stricken countries, such as Ecuador, Italy, and Mexico.

RT: What protections can the clinician have regarding airborne viruses when using the GO2VENT on an infected patient? DS: The unit must have an HME filter on the patient connection port and a HEPA filter between the head of the unit and the modulator to greatly reduce or prevent release of airborne contaminants, protecting the most essential resource we have—our clinicians.


RT: What other devices or accessories do you recommend to get full functionality out of the GO2VENT?

DS: The Airway Pressure Monitor [VORTRAN APM-Plus] provides essential information to the clinician (PIP, PEEP, inspiratory time, respiratory rate and I:E ratio) and its alarm feature provides an extra layer of protection. It is an essential “must have” for critical care use of the GO2VENT. HEPA filters are another “must have” to safely use the GO2VENT and protect our clinicians. Additionally, the new VORTRAN PEEP Valve can be added to provide a higher level of support to treat more critical ill patients, including those experiencing ARDS symptoms.

Many thanks to VORTRAN who have provided an additional tool to save a greatest number of lives than our initial objective at the beginning of this pandemic in March 2020 and as today, we continue facing this challenge, but due to this support we have more tools to save lives, thank you.

Dr. Hugo Espejo, Deputy Director of Critical Medicine

Doctor Hugo Espejo in Ecuador find success in non-invasive ventilation with the GO2VENT on COVID-19 Patients.

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